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Family owned and operated in Cape Coral since 1977, Zak’s Jewelry has undeniably compelling glorious designs and sparkling custom jewelry. Zak’s Jewelry has brought dreams to life in Cape Coral, FL, for more than 46 years. Our master jewelers create elegant designs and glorious custom jewelry that will certainly convey your sentiments.

Bridal and Engagement Jewelry

Whether an engagement ring, wedding bands or a reminder of your love on a special anniversary, the right ring for your bride awaits at Zak’s Jewelry. See what sets Zak’s Jewelry apart from the other jewelry stores in Southwest Florida.

Exquisite Lab-Grown Diamonds at Zak’s 

Laboratory-grown diamonds, known for their exceptional quality and diverse color options, offer an attractive price point that is drawing consumer interest. As they become more prevalent, their market presence is notably increasing. These diamonds are cultivated in controlled environments, distinguishing them from their natural counterparts.”

Local, Custom Designed Jewelry

Sure, you could buy a piece of jewelry from a major brand, but if you want to show that special someone how UNIQUE your love is, Zak’s Jewelry can help you with custom designed, handcrafted jewelry LOCALLY in beautiful Cape Coral, Florida.

New and Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

All of our pre-owned Rolexes go through a vigorous analysis before we purchase it, and then it goes to our local certified Rolex watch repairman for a second authentication, and for any needed repairs and maintenance. 

We buy Jewelry, Gold, Coins & Rolex

Whether you want to trade in some jewelry you no longer wear, or if you just need the extra cash, Zak’s Jewlery buys your old gold jewelry, loose gold, valuable coins and used Rolex watches.

Our Other Jewelry Services

Magnifying Glass

Appraisals & Evaluations

An accurate jewelry appraisal is a vital necessity to protect your jewelry. Zak's Jewelry is certified by the Gemological Institute of America, and qualified to give expert evaluation and certified appraisals.

Bracelet 2

Estate Jewelry

Zak’s Jewelry buys and sales an assorted selection of Estate Jewelry. Come in and see some of our Late Victorian and Art Deco pieces, or be amazed by our extensive selection of eccentric Retro Jewelry.

Earrrings 3

Jewelry Cleaning

Stop by out store anytime and have your jewelry cleaned and professionally inspected, for FREE. Text ZAKS to 313131 for semi-annual inspection reminders. We offer this service every day, no appointment necessary.

Jewelry Repairs & Redesigns

We provide a full range of professional jewelry repair services in a friendly, polite, and professional environment. Rest assured that Zak’s Jewelry is fully licensed and properly insured. Your Jewelry is save with us.

Custom Designed Jewelry

Custom designed jewelry is our specialty, whether customizing an old or new piece of jewelry; With over 40 years of experience, we provide unique designs and personal service to satisfy your needs.

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