Our History

Family owned and operated in Cape Coral since 1977, Zak’s Jewelry has undeniably compelling glorious designs and sparkling custom jewelry. Zak’s Jewelry has brought dreams to life in Cape Coral, FL, for more than 46 years. Our master jewelers create elegant designs and glorious custom jewelry that will certainly convey your sentiments.

The Beginnings
One of Cape Coral's OLDEST independent Jewelers - Zak's Jewelry32

Mike Zak, the founder of Zak’s Jewelry, fulfilled a lifelong dream and in 1963 at 33 years of age, immigrated to the United States from Argentina with his family in tow. The Zak family settled in New Jersey, where Mike Zak began working in a factory. Mr. Zak and his cousin dreamed of manufacturing jewelry. With $50.00 in each of their pockets, they were able to purchase $100.00 worth of gold, and this is how the dream began.


A graduated Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Zak was able to design the tools necessary to create one-of-a-kind, hand-made hammered mesh designs. It was only one year later that the partners were able to rent a 3,000 square foot space on West 48th Street in midtown Manhattan. The mesh watchbands were sold to companies such as Piaget and Hamilton.

Cape Coral

In 1973, Mike Zak closed the New York shop, and opened a retail jewelry store in Brick Town, New Jersey. The store was an instant success due to the fact that so many people in the community knew and respected Mr. Zak. By this time, he was known as an esteemed businessman, a loving father, as well as the initiator, and coach, of the first soccer team in Brick Town. In 1975, while the Zak family was enjoying a vacation in Ft. Myers, he and his wife toured the area. Knowing that Mr. Zak enjoyed the small-town feel, a friend suggested that he take a look at Cape Coral. The first time he drove over the bridge, he was instantly stunned by the beauty of Cape Coral, and knew this was where he wanted to be.

Zak's Jewelry Opens
The Zak family

In November of 1977, Mr. Zak and his new son-in-law Thomas Rosanio opened the doors to Zak’s Jewelry. Today, the store is still family owned and operated. Mrs. Sara Zak and Thomas Rosanio are now the stores owners. Tom is currently teaching his two children, Mike and Sara Zak's grandchildren, Alison and Michael everything that his father-in-law, Mike taught him. The tradition of creating sparkling reflections of an individual's own tastes remains at the forefront of Zak’s Jewelry, which is why the name has always been deemed synonymous with creative jewelry.

Current Times
Zak's Jewelers in Cape Coral, Florida

The creativity, for which Zak’s Jewelry has become famous, is exhibited throughout the store. Obviously, much the art is reflected in the glittering showcases filled with sparkling jewelry. But there are other fine pieces of art such as Mike Zak’s wooden sculptures, which help create am ambiance of artistic appreciation, something that is rarely found in the jewelry outlets of today.