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Choosing the right stone shape

Round brilliant cut diamonds in Cape Coral

Round Brilliant Cut (RBC)

The round brilliant is the most popular cut, over 75% of all diamonds sold are RBC’s. This is due, in part to the classic, timeless look and the amazing brilliance that the cut offers the stone. This comes from how the facets are placed on the stone. RBC’s have a total of 57 facets (the flat parts around the diamond); – 53 on the crown (above the middle) and 25 on the pavilion (below the middle). The amount of reflective facets allows the fire and scintillation to really shine. Overall, it’s the classic of all cuts – It looks perfect whether at a quarter-carat, 8-carat or any size in between and beyond. Since a RBC has so many facets and that means so many reflections, it’s easy to not notice as many inclusions because the scintillation will hide some of them. This means you don’t have to find a flawless, colorless diamond to get a great stone out of it. With all the fire going on too, you won’t notice if the color is a few levels below colorless. Saves you some bucks.

Fancy Cuts:

This term is going to apply to any diamond that is cut in a shape other than the round brilliant. While you might think oval is boring, it’s actually fancy!

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